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we offer the ability to custom create lotion or cream

Customize your moisturizer

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Why customize?

Your skin is that part of you that people see first. And just like your personality, it’s unique too. With all those pre-made moisturizers on a shelf, it’s easy to forget how unique your skin is and settle for something that comes closest. Why settle? Why not have the option to choose what you can add to your moisturizer?

Why does a tailored suit fit better than something off the shelf? It’s made for you. It’s customized to fit YOU.
With our innovative, yet simple 3 step process, we’re letting YOU design your own moisturizer. Your own signature blend.

Design your signature blend

Customize your lotion or cream with a simple three (3)-step wizard:
  •    1. Start by selecting the base for your signature design. You could use your skin type for guidance
  •    2. Choose the nourishing oil combo pack based on the skin concern you would like to treat
  •    3. Finally, add a booster shot to enrich your product with power essential oils and extracts

Your signature blend is complete. You can check it out to place the order. In the next 48 hours, your personalized blend will be hand crafted to your requirements and mailed out.
We cannot think of a reason why you cannot have it all. A luxurious experience with natural and fresh botanicals designed by you, for you. We’re here to take your order.

Customization is the future and we want to take you there with fresh, customizable skincare.

follow to start customizing your cream or lotion

Want to learn more before trying? No problem! Take a look at our approach here