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great gift of luxury for women

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A great gift for women: a natural, luxurious moisturizer

First - women simply relish all things luxurious, sexy and elegant. Women groom meticulously and love to look their very best, for themselves and for you. Women absolutely love the pampering feelings of spa-like experiences.

Vienne Restorative and Regenerative lotion is a kiss of opulence, an experience in a moisturizer – it is fresh, with divinely fragrant essential oils that hydrate, smooth and tone skin. All this contained in a simply beautiful glass bottle that will surely elevate her dresser.

Second - our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. This is a completely pure and natural product, full of beneficial, organic ingredients with absolutely no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances that hurt skin and body.

As awareness grows for healthy lifestyles through organic and safe products, this is a truly unique and thoughtful gift. It demonstrates that you are invested in her wellness. You’ve put some thought into finding something different and special.

And finally, the ladies love it!

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Show her you care and want to pamper her with a thoughtful gift of wellness. Give her that sumptuous experience she will enjoy every day when she reaches out for that glorious moisturizer. Give her the gift of Vienne.

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