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Customizable skincare - You design what suits your skin

Our skin is that part of us that faces outward and presents us to the world. And just like our personality, it’s unique too. It’s easy to forget just how unique our skin is, especially when shopping for skincare, we want what “works” but so often what works for someone else – just does not work for us.

Your individual genetic makeup, environment, diet and lifestyle all affect your skin – for this reason there is not a “one size fits all” moisturizer. This became ever more apparent to us as we created the products in the Vienne skincare line – we continued to think about all of the concerns that women have, and realized that there was not “one” perfect moisturizer.

When shopping for skincare, have you ever looked at the star ingredients of two different products and wondered what if you could have them both in one cream or lotion? We say why not? Why not have the option to choose what you can add to your lotion?

This led us to the idea of customization – letting YOU choose what you need and what is important to you. As simple as it may sound, it is much like ordering a smoothie – what boosters do you need, what are your preferences and what works for you? Read on to see how.

How to Customize
Design your signature blend. Customize your lotion or cream with a simple three (3)-step wizard:

  1. Start by selecting the base for your signature design. You could use your skin type for guidance.
  2. Choose the nourishing oil combo pack based on the skin concern you would like to treat today
    • Enhancing oil packs have been designed to provide a natural option to treat a variety of skin concerns. Choosing an oil pack does not mean you will get an oily moisturizer. These oils are included to add the benefits, yet maintaining a smooth and soft texture of your lotion or cream.
    • Each pack has the list of oils listing their benefits and indicating how they would collectively address the skin concern.
  3. Finally, add a booster shot to enrich your product with power essential oils and extracts
    • Each booster shot has a benefit and lists those essences and extracts that contribute to the benefit
    • Select the format – cream or lotion – and you’re done.
Your signature blend is complete. You can check it out to place the order. In the next 48 hours, your personalized blend will be hand crafted to your requirements and mailed out.

We cannot think of a reason why you cannot have it all. Why can you not choose what botanicals go in your product? Why can you not customize and personalize your brand? We say yes you can! Customization is the future of product development and we want to take you there with fresh, customizable skincare.

Start your journey now !


















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