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11 Weeks to better skin - Week #10 - Moisturize right!

Moisturizing skin sounds simple. Just dab on that moisturizer and go. However, it takes a little more care to get a lush, well-hydrated glow.

Follow these quick and easy tips to keep your skin so luxurious, you will be sporting that fresh-faced look more often.

apply moisturizer

  • Warm showers and gentle cleansers - Part of keeping your face moisturized involves keeping natural oils in skin from being stripped. Taking a warm shower opens up your pores, so it’s the best place to cleanse your face and exfoliate. But, hot water and long showers also strip skin’s natural oils. So, shower in warm (not hot) water and use a gentle cleanser.
  • Pat dry – Gently pat dry with a towel to allow some moisture to stay on your skin. Applying lotion or cream to slightly damp skin will allow for faster, deeper penetration and keep your skin hydrated longer.
  • Massage in your moisturizer – Don’t rub. Massage. Place a few spots of cream or lotion on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and then massage it into your skin using a circular motion. Not only will this feel good and relax your facial muscles, but it will also kick start your blood circulation, giving your face that natural flush. For under-eye area, gently dab without pulling skin.
  • Invest in a great moisturizer that’s right for you – A good moisturizer will multitask: hydrate, replenish nutrients and protect skin. Choose plant-based moisturizers with natural oils, butters, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that penetrate skin better than man-made emollients like petroleum. Synthetic ingredients and fragrances can not only irritate skin but require harsher preservatives to stabilize them, which outweigh the benefits of the moisturizer.
  • Keep a hydrating mist in your purse to re-hydrate every so often in cooler, winter months.
Moisturizing keeps your skin conditioned by replenishing moisture, oils and nutrients. Well-conditioned skin will not just make you look younger, but will also maintain skin suppleness, tone and texture. So, moisturize right and let your skin glow from within.

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