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Not Drinking Enough Water? Try These Simple Hydration Tips

Water may not be your favorite libation, but there are good reasons why you should be drinking more. Water has many roles directly related to your health -- from hydrating your skin to filling you up so you don't overeat. Unfortunately, many people don't enjoy drinking water, so they suffer the consequences of dehydration. If you're someone who's not drinking enough water, try some of these tips for increasing your H2O intake and discover the difference it makes.

glass of water

Tips for better hydration

  • Add some flavor to water with lemons, oranges and limes; watermelon chunks, cucumbers and mint are also tasty. Leave the slices of fruit or sprigs of mint in the water in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy.
  • There's an app for just about everything, isn't there? Now you can download an app to remind you to drink water. There's Waterlogged for iPhone users, and Water Your Body for both the Android and iPhone. Or you can simply set reminder alerts on your phone.
  • Keep water with you at all times, whether at work, driving in the car or working out at the gym. Keep a bottle or a glass full and in plain sight so you remember it. Having it in close proximity will help you drink more naturally.
  • Ordering water with your meals can help you fill up and cut calories while also cutting down on your bill. What's more, drinking water with meals helps your digestion. Drink a full 16 ounces of water before your meal and eat less.
  • Some foods are rich in water, so you can hydrate by eating them. Celery, melons and cucumbers are all full of water, so fill up on them. Broth-like soups are also recommended.

Not drinking enough water affects not only the health of your body, but also your skin. For customizable skincare that will help repair and moisturize your dehydrated skin, contact Subtle Green.


















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