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The hypocrisy of Silicones

Primary function – Makes lotions, creams, serums glide on

siliconesMany cosmetics lotions, creams and serums have a slippery sensation and glide gently onto your skin fiving the feeling of luxury. They seem to make your skincare product feel less oily and your skin feels moist. The ingredient that males this happen is a Silicone. Silicones are derived from silica (sand) for the sole purpose of bringing this amazing texture to skincare products while forming a film on top of your skin to hold moisture in. Beneath this seemingly well constructed ingredient lurks a few dark side effects that eventually nullify any of its benefits.

1. Silicones can cause acne or worsen it

Silicones form an impermeable layer on top of your skin. Because of this, they trap sweat, bacteria and other dirt that might have been on your skin between the film they form and your skin's surface. When you go about your business and your pores release oil, sweat etc., then that's also trapped with no where to go, eventually leading to clogged pores, inflamed pores and acne.

2. Silicones prevent beneficial ingredients from being absorbed onto your skin

Since they form a an impenetrable barrier on your skin, other ingredients that need to be absorbed will sit on the layer and not get absorbed. Ultimately this reduces the efficacy of your skincare products and let's face it; effective products aren't cheap! To get the most bang for buck from your skincare products, you need ingredients that can form a breathable film on your skin (like Hyaluronic acid), that still let other ingredients pass through and be absorbed.

3. Silicones are bad for the environment

Silicones are not biodegradable. Instead they are bio-accumulative, which means when they're washed off and go down the drain they do not decompose, but start to be part of the ecosystem. Per Dr. Suzuki, they are toxic downstream and have been shown to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms.

So what exactly is this ingredient still doing in skincare?!

Quick Summary (Silicones)
Be on the lookout for:
anything ending with …cone or ….ane
What makes them controversial:
forms an impermeable layer on skin
Traps bacteria and sweat
Causes skin inflammation and worsens acne
Commonly found in:
Lotions, creams, serums and masks

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