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Nature Derived Preservatives

natural cream A preservation system is important for all skincare. Without preservation, your skincare product is prone to bacterial and microbial infestation that makes the product highly unsafe for use. There are many preservatives – some highly synthesized and others that are nature derived with some level of processing. Dangers of completely synthetic preservatives have been much debated for a variety of reasons, mainly for their negative impact on skin and body. They are generally regarded with caution – like parabens for example - and are harsh on sensitive skin.

Preservatives derived from plants are safer for skin and body while keeping your product free of microbes or bacteria. Such preservatives do have one minor drawback – they do not work for years and years like their synthetic counterparts. So, products (like ours) that use nature derived preservatives have a shelf life. Personal care products that use the natural philosophy often use delicate botanicals which also have shelf lives themselves.
Synthetic and controversial preservatives are unnecessary anyway because there’s really no point in preserving a product way past the point when these botanicals have stopped working.

A natural product benefits from having an good preservative system (using plant derived preservatives) that is safe for you and the environment while effectively preserving your product during your period of usage.

Here is a list of the plant based preservatives that we use in our products
  • - Sodium Anisate (anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent derived from Basil)
  • - Sodium Levulinate (derived from corn/ maize)
  • - Potassium sorbate (booster against yeast)
  • - Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (derived from Kimchii)
These are the constituent chemical names for our naturally derived preservatives that help us protect and keep the product safe during your use. This is what you will see on our ingredient list.

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