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11 Weeks to better skin - Week #8 - Enjoy these antioxidants

Holidays have a way of getting us eating quite a bit. Eating out, eating in, eating at parties. Then there’s that aftermath - the slump from overindulgence that gets us running to the gym in the New Year to shed those extra calories.

Is it possible to indulge a little, yet minimize the aftereffects of calorie-laden food? And what if some of those options were actually great for skin as well?.

Well, here we’ve put together three favorite foods that contain a bunch of skin loving anti-oxidants with a couple of suggestions on how to enjoy them in holiday treats.


First and foremost on the list – Dark chocolate!

Its no secret, chocolate in every form is attractive. Did you know that dark chocolate (>70% cocoa) brings significant beauty benefits while tingling those taste buds?
Pure cocoa has a high concentration of Flavonol (a potent anti-oxidant) that fights free radical damage. Flavonols also fight UV damage and increase blood circulation giving skin that rich, dewy glow.
Cocoa hydrates skin and improves skin texture. It balances the production of stress hormones reducing the breakdown of collagen in skin, and consequently leading to less wrinkles.
The only kicker – to benefit most, you need to eat chocolate that has a minimum of 70% cocoa.

Decadent hot chocolate recipe
Melt a dark chocolate bar in the pan and add a cup of hot organic milk (can substitute almond milk as a healthier option). Add cane sugar to sweeten just a bit and finish off with a touch of nutmeg. For the more adventurous, Mayan twist - sprinkle a dash of Cayenne pepper.

Berries - What antioxidant list would be complete without them?

yogurt parfait
Strawberries, blue berries, acai, cranberries, black berries, raspberries are anti-oxidant powerhouses. Rich in vitamins A, C and flavonoids, just one cup of berries can provide more than 13,000 antioxidants – that’s 10 times the USDA recommended dose.
Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that fights free-radical damage while aiding collagen production. It helps ward of dryness and keep skin hydrated and firm.

Yummy yogurt parfait with berries - breakfast or dessert, you choose
Scoop thick Greek yogurt into a cup, glass or bowl. Add granola and your choice of berries. You can even make multiple layers of yogurt, granola and berries to give a festive look.


Filled with vitamins, protein, calcium and probiotics, yogurt is just as good for your body as it is when applied topically to skin.
Yogurt is high in protein, just like milk but even better, without all that sugar. These proteins are essential building blocks at a cellular level that help maintain cell structure leading to firmer skin. Consider organic yogurt as it is unlikely to have artificial sweeteners or sugar additives.
When topically applied yogurt can hydrate, relieve sunburn, tone skin and even fight acne.

Mix 1 tablespoon of thick Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of lemon and honey. Make a paste and leave on face for 20 minutes to get your glow on for those holiday parties.

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