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Customized to the max - a customer story

Creative, customized and happy

Last month a customer, Scarlett, got in touch with us. She wanted to go beyond our wizard and customize a serum picking very specific ingredients that she wanted.


This is indeed the power of customized skincare - you can get what you really want and what you need for your own personal routine.

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So what did she pick? Some mega moisture ingredients (Hyaluronic acid, and Coenzyme Q10) together with some antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E) and finally some favored scent profiles. We here at Subtle Green were thrilled to have this dialogue with her. With just a brief back-and-forth via email, we guided her with some notes as to which components may not mix particularly well and she was happy to change those out. For example, she wanted lemongrass included - but this has a scent that can overpower other ingredients so we suggested instead she swap that out for lavender which is calming and blends well with other oils.

What else did we talk about? Well Scarlett also talked about some specific concerns around her neck area and so she went further to customize a moisturizer. After asking about the types of ingredients, we put together a superb blend for her and packaged it into a night cream.

Scarlett really took the opportunity to target her wants and needs and we were happy to work on this with her - we really promote customization of your skincare

So why customize?

You get to express yourself completely and get just what you want in a product. All-in-one products put so many items in, that each has a very low percentage and does nothing for you. So with a daily routine, put something together that will really focus on what you need it to do!

And what now?

Take a shot at customizing your moisturizer here, or even customize a serum here. Want to go beyond the wizard? We'll he happy to discuss a custom blend with you, contact us here.

And what about Scarlett's blend? Well you can see her powerful custom serum design here, and feel free to give it a try - courtesy of a fellow customer :)

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Wondering what natural ingredients suit you?

Look into our guide to find out!

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