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Natural Beauty Goes Luxe

Ahhh... a luxurious experience

Luxury is a sensual experience

There’s no denying it. We enjoy and value sensory experiences. They stimulate our spirits, our minds and even elevate our mood. Consider the look and feel of an Italian silk scarf. Or a visit to the spa; the relaxing scent and the touch of a plush bath robe as you relax, get a massage and indulge in the experience of all round well-being. Luxury brings such sensory experiences.
While some may invest in luxury to stroke their need for maintaining an image of exclusivity, most of us invest in luxurious experiences because we get some form of sensory pleasure – sight, taste, touch, fragrance, etc.
And this translates to our choice of personal care as well. We love exquisite fragrances and lotions or creams that feel soft, smell great and spread easily, leaving our skin feeling nourished and soft. Simply put, we enjoy the luxe experience!

Natural is healthy

A growing awareness of natural and organic foods and skincare outlines a preference for health over synthetics or toxins. Consumers are becoming aware of the toxins in processed foods. The source and treatment of ingredients used in our personal care has become equally important. Health concerns stemming from harsh ingredients and preservatives in personal care has created a huge push for natural and healthy products.
However, healthy often has the undertone of raw, unprocessed and definitely not luxurious. Like the difference between a green smoothie and Moët & Chandon. One is healthy while the other is luxurious. They don’t even seem to be in the same realm.
Similarly, natural skincare has been associated with unrefined farmer’s market creations. Healthy and good for you but not luxurious. Until now!

Natural meets luxury!

At Subtle Green, we feel pure and natural skincare does not need to be anything shy of a luxe experience.
We’re tapping into advancements in natural skin science to create healthy, superfood skin products encased in sumptuous textures that leave a silky finish. The raw feel of natural and organic skincare is a thing of the past. Exotic plant and flower essences can enhance the quality and benefits of your skincare product while generating gently uplifting, sensual fragrances. We aim to deliver a lush experience in skincare.
Why compromise on luxury for health when you can have both? We cannot make your favourite, luxe champagne healthy but we can definitely make your healthy natural skincare luxurious. Life is short and it makes little sense to wait for your next spa visit. Bring a little spa into your home and enjoy a luxury skincare experience every day!

Natural meets luxe







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