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Why Exercise Becomes More Important as We Age

Exercise is an important part of healthy living at any age, but as you approach your mid 30s and beyond, you may find that the benefits of exercise begin to grow. Exercise and age don't have to be strange bedfellows.

exercise together

Here are some reasons you should make exercise an ongoing part of your body care practices:
  • Exercise keeps you independent. With good health and mobility, you'll enjoy more of your life. Exercise can also help you from becoming disabled due to the effects of age.
  • Exercise keeps you social. The habit of exercise can build or reinforce your social network, particularly if you join a walking group, go to a yoga class, bike with friends, or just chat with the regulars at the gym.
  • Exercise improves mood. Exercise can leave you feeling great thanks to the release of natural endorphins that limit stress hormones and increase self esteem and overall health, even if you're not as spry as you used to be!
  • Exercise keeps you safe. As we age, we become more susceptible to injury, particularly from falls. Exercise keeps your balance toned and limits muscle deterioration and weakness, diminishing your risk of falling.
  • Exercise boosts your metabolism. If you're concerned about managing your weight as you age, you're not alone. An exercise habit can reign in weight gain that can lead to health problems.
  • Exercise keeps your lungs and heart healthy. Our bodies naturally decline as we age, but exercise can help to slow any damage.
Exercise and age go hand in hand, as does age and skincare. For more on how to keep your skin looking supple and healthy with our customizable skincare line, contact the team at Subtle Green.

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